This is a huge ring, nearly a meter in diameter, rolled from 8mm solid brass and hand-linished by skilled metal workers in the UK. This would be the perfect centrepiece for a large event, or shop window, large mantle price or dining table. It would make a chic wedding gift as the ultimate symbol of eternity, with the added benefit that it can be taken home and used again and again.We wanted to create a permanent wreath that feels precious like a large piece of jewellery. Something that could be hung and very simply adorned because the ring is a thing of beauty by itself. This ring is designed to be hung all year round, add seasonal foliage throughout the calendar. A sprig of eucalyptus creates a simple yet elegant display but it is equally beautiful when unadorned.


Can be hung either verticially or horizontally.

Due to the weight, a picture hanging kit is recommended if you are planning on suspending the ring.

900mm diameter wall hook sold separately.


All our products are hand-crafted in small batches at different workshops in the UK. Treading gently on the planet is our priority, all our products are created from sustainable materials.

Large brass hoop

Add a WORKSHOP wall hook