Pair of British beeswax candles

Made from wax from British bees these candles are natural, biodegradable, smokeless and sootless. They burn slowly, and naturally clean the air by neutralizing toxins. British beeswax is a sustainable option that doesn't damage the environment like the widely available parafin options.


In my oppinion the perfect partner for our WORKSHOP holders. These gently tapering candles hand-dipped in Cumbria compliment the warmth of the brass, and provide the perfect 'ping' to the off-white holders. 


There may be some variation in the sizing of these candles due to the process in which they are made. Layers and layers of beeswax are built up through dipping a wick mulitple times into molten beeswax. The colors differ between different batches depending what the bees have lived on.


Best kept out of direct sunlight. 

228mm tall x 22mm diameter. 

8 hour burning time.

Sold in pairs. 

Candle holders not included.

Pair of British beeswax candles