Coconut & soy candle - Bay & Rosemary

*Back by popular demand, lead time: 1 week


A luxurious hand-poured soy and coconut wax candle infused with the comforting evergreen scent of bay and rosemary made by us at In aromatherapy rosemary is used for relaxation and boosts alertness whilst bay is both calming and said to reduce pain.


Size 120ml jar

Burn time approx. 20 hours

Paraffin free, cruelty free, suitable for vegans

Comes with a black lid.

Don't throw your jar away - you can use it afterwards as a tealight holder or for storage, or you can send it back to Workshop to recieve money off your next order

Never leave naked flames unattended.


All our products are hand-crafted in small batches at different workshops in the UK. Treading gently on the planet is our priority, all our products are created from sustainable materials.

Coconut & soy candle - Bay & Rosemary